House H

LOCATION: Funes Hills Miraflores [Unit 286] - Funes, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid



Fernando Imbern [Construction Manager]



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2009 - 2010



Called like this due to its floor plan, House H is designed out of the idea of dividing all the functions that will be developed in the house into programmatic sets. With the clear premise of using the stairs as the nucleus around which the rooms will be organized, the house was divided into 5 volumes.


The house was conceived of as one for a XXI century family, where both parents and children need some privacy. Therefore, the stairs on the second floor will separate two well-defined areas, protecting them acoustically and visually from each other. Likewise, on the first floor, they will be used once again to separate spaces. Without any materialized closure, the services and the living areas are delimited by this intermediate space, allowing for different activities to be carried out simultaneously.


The central volume will also function as a “knee cap” for the rest of the volumes, the point from which are generated the centrifugal forces that control the set.


Taking advantage of the special relation with nature that the house can enjoy due to the area where it is located, virtual holes were projected inside, piercing the house from side to side and in both directions. Thus, the exterior can still be seen from different places through the successive rooms. In addition, the project sought to connect the house with the surrounding nature through a set of balconies “carved” in the building mass. The central space once again takes a prominent role as regards the relation with the surroundings. Being the lightest-looking and the most transparent space of the project, it has the appearance of a tunnel by which nature breaks through this work.