House X

LOCATION: Funes Hills Miraflores [Unit 172] - Funes, Argentina.



Agustina González Cid

Matías Imbern



Fernando Imbern [Construction Manager]



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar



Arch. Walter Gustavo Salcedo / I+GC


YEAR 2010 - 2011



The house X is located on the main boulevard in the private neighborhood called Funes Hills Miraflores. Such location lends it a required retreat that is greater than the rest of the units. This is what motivates to search for a layout that strikes a certain balance between visuals and orientations, but without advancing too much onto the back of the lot, thus avoiding “taking up” the usable surface of the green area as a recreational space, which is fundamental in a suburban house. As an answer to the situation presented arises the layout in the shape of an “X”, a compact distribution but with greater perimeter than a rectangular shape. This condition is advantageous to establish a closer relationship with the surrounding landscape.


The project proposes a main body that organizes the relation with the lot, making the most of the best orientations. This volume contains the private areas upstairs and the services downstairs. There is a second body that “branches off” from a bifurcation in the main one; it houses the social and access areas, as well as the future additions.


The proposal involves the unification of the access path to the house with the solarium, thus highlighting the prominent role that the swimming pool has in this strategy. In this way, it also stress the project’s “crossing” as a link between the facade and the green area and once again, as in previous projects, the research for possible paradigms to avoid the fragmentation of green areas, looking for spatial continuity as a lifestyle setting.