I+GC Furniture


Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid



Andrés Acosta [Project Manager]



Carp. Manuel Cosgaya



Arch. Walter Gustavo Salcedo


YEAR 2013 - 2014




The project is conceived as a negotiation between natural-light entry into the workspace and matter as a result of an optimized storage area. Assuming that all interior space can be used to store books and other work materials, the solid is progressively pierced with the entry of natural light from the 4 corners, as well as with the artificial lighting from the ceiling. These initial operations of subtraction from the 'solid' are performed with the assistance of parametric software to adjust and quantify in real time the amount of matter to subtract. Afterwards, the compartments of the furniture are designed in order to accommodate existing infrastructure, as well as the various working features of the studio.


Regarding fabrication, digital tools are used to numerate and subsequently identify the differentiated pieces. They are also employed to optimize the efficient cutting of the sheets of MDF via CNC, leaving only the assembly to be performed manually using axonometric drawings produced by computer as guideline.