Ditril [Torcuato Di Tella University Lectern]

LOCATION: School of Architecture and Urban Studies, UTDT – Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Ciro Najle



Andrés Acosta

Manuel Bianchi

León Carpman

Agustina González Cid


YEAR 2015



The “Ditril” emerges as a commission from the School of Architecture and Urban Studies, University Torcuatto Di Tella, framed in an initiative of the institution to instruct teachers design their own furniture. The proposal tries to address the need for a lectern for presentations and conferences; and the project is part of the topics addressed by the "Digital Tectonics" course, oriented towards exploration in digital design and digital/analog interpolated manufacturing, understanding the increasing progress of digital media as a generator of new design possibilities.


The design is based on a digital model that relates two generic conditions: the frontal lectern and the panoramic lectern. The model produces a tension between the symmetry of the circular base and the asymmetry informed by the different uses: as support for reading material or as a pillar for notebook presentations. These two modes of use are those that make up the name “Ditril”, an object of intermediate scale (subtly larger than a conventional lectern), that consists of two independent lecterns, which can also operate interdependently.


Timber pine of 2cm.x2cm section are used for manufacturing. The digital model of each “Tril” is divided with a sequence of horizontal planes, and the resulting polylines are then subdivided to instantiate the pieces in each "differentiated row". The result is a light, permeable and adaptable to different scenarios and technical requirements. The university logo is subtly materialized by strategically change the color of some of the pieces that conform the pattern.