Stacked Building [SnJ]

LOCATION: 3160, San Juan St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani



Agustín Ramonda [Project Manager]

Fernando Imbern [Construction Manager] 

Manuel Bianchi [Project Team]

Julián Del Bianco [Project Team]

Eduardo Dipré [Project Team]



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2016 - 2020



The project is located in the First Perimeter Ring of the Downtown, characterized by strong building renovation. Therefore, buildings of different heights coexist in the area. The plot to be intervened is significantly wider (12.5m.) than traditional plots of the local urban fabric (8.66m.). This wider dimension, combined with the presence of consolidated low-rise buildings towards the East orientation, in coincidence with the views towards Avenue France, are the factors that predetermined the recess of the building from the lateral dividing wall. This operation adds a third ventilation facade, ideal to locate the premium apartments there. Additionally, the depth of the plot (45m.) determines the distribution of the building mass in 2 towers, separated by a 9m yard. As a main tactic, all units have cross-ventilation typologies. An exempt vertical circulation is placed in the yard, able to serve both towers.


Mostly local residential buildings, in which one plan is defined and the building is the result of a vertical extrusion of that plan, are inhabited by families with similar configurations. In contrast to this, SnJ appeals to generate a true community, made up of the interaction of people who respond to families with different configurations, according to the differentiated demands of contemporary society. This typological diversity defines the image of the building and it is translated into a formal/programmatic stacking strategy. As a last step, and to emphasize the retraction of the eastern dividing wall, there is a displacement of one of the pieces, in order to inhabit the generated vacuum space. Concrete solves the cantilevering structure of the shifted volume and in turn produces a heavy feeling that emphasizes the condition of apparent (im)balance.