I+GC website


Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid



Eugenio Tenaglia Giunta [Project Manager]

Andrés Acosta

León Carpman



Comp. Sci. Felipe Tenaglia Giunta


YEAR 2014




The design of a website to showcase and share our production is understood as one more project inside the office, using the same parameters to evaluate our work in terms of quality and conceptual comprehensibility.


The first challenge is how to sort a set of so dissimilar work, framed in an office that develops a non-traditional practice, in which academic research and thoughtful critique on contemporary issues are considered crucial. Consequently, the production is divided into 4 categories: Critic, Research, Design and Built. This order is far from random, following the logical sequence of the architectural discipline through a linear thinking process. However, the work environment leads to the generation of multiple and simultaneous modes of nonlinear production, where different projects hybridize to each other.


The design of the website implies the intention to reflect this practice mode in which the various categories are intertwined, with diffuse limits between them, where each work is developed in parallel with others, sharing concepts and criteria…and is inevitably infected by this close contact. Therefore, an adaptive mesh is chosen, able to change according to the resolution ratio of the medium from which the site is accessed. The mesh generates a matrix that illustrates the contact and coexistence between the various categories of the production.